CoWork1010, a co-working office space located at the top of Pyramid One

Can a Small Business Have Their Offices in The Pyramids?

Absolutely, and you don’t have to spend a day signing lease agreements. Just a few years ago co-working spaces became a pretty popular and affordable way for an independent contractor or remote employee to have access to a proffesional office or meeting space outside the headquarters or house. CoWork 1010 jumped on that opportunity and created beautiful co-working spaces that are more than just a table, a room and a WIFI source inside The Pyramids. We sat down with the CoWork 1010 staff and got some answers.


Tell us about your company.

Cowork 1010 is a first-class coworking space that offers 24/7 access memberships, private offices, virtual mail service, and much more! Cowork 1010 was founded in 2020, during the prime of Covid-19. During this time, many companies transitioned their employees to working remotely. Because of the increased growth rate of remote work, Cowork 1010 became a great resource to those individuals who needed a comfortable place where they can be productive as well as network with other like-minded people and motivated entrepreneurs.


What’s your suite number and how many employees work in your Pyramids office?

We are in Pyramid 1 on the 8th and 11th floor. Our suite numbers are 1110 and 1080. We have 2 full-time employees who work for Cowork 1010. We have roughly 60 members/office tenants total.


What is something that sets your company apart from others?

Here at Cowork 1010, we love to have fun! We have a ton of different events, such as Open Mic Night, Karaoke Night, and more. Most of our events are open to the public and guess what… they’re FREE! Don’t be afraid to stop by and say hello!


What do you like about being a tenant at The Pyramids?

The Pyramids infrastructure is super iconic, and so unique. Whenever I tell people where I work, most of the responses are “The 3 buildings that look like triangles?” I mean technically, they’re not wrong!


What renovation of the property/buildings is your team most looking forward to?

We are super excited about the renovation in general, but we are ecstatic about the lobbies getting a full makeover!


What is the most popular/frequent food eaten for lunch by your employees?

I didn’t need to think about my answer for this one… McAlister’s!


So that’s one vote for McAlister’s, one vote for Chipotle.

To learn more about CoWork 1010, book a tour of their offices, or sign up for a membership, visit their website at