Apollo Pain Center Logo
Tell us about your company.

Apollo Pain Center was established in 2020, to provide the full spectrum of care for patients in chronic pain. A variety of illnesses, injuries, accidents, surgeries and just the wear and tear of daily life can lead to chronic pain. While modern medicine has made great advances in treating serious diseases, chronic pain management seems to be left behind. Chronic pain affects more people, over 100 million, than chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined!


What’s your suite number and how many employees work in your Pyramids office?

Apollo Pain Center is located in Suite 2082 on the 8th floor of Building 2.


What is something interesting about your business or staff, or what is something that sets your company apart from others?

The mission at Apollo Pain Center to focus on chronic pain as a disease to improve quality of life and functional abilities makes it unique. Our philosophy is to not make the treatment worse than the disease itself. We minimize risk of treatment by using minimally invasive approaches and combat the opioid crisis by using a rational patient centered approach.


What do you like about being a tenant at The Pyramids?

The Pyramids are easy to find as the landmark buildings are very well known. The views are the best of any medical offices in Indiana.

As a tenant, we enjoy the professionalism and the responsiveness of the building management.


What is the most popular/frequent food eaten for lunch by your employees? 

We gravitate towards local businesses such as Jacquie’s Gourmet Kitchen and the South American restaurant called 3 in 1.


Learn more about Apollo Pain Center and the pain treatment services they offer by visiting apollopaincenter.com