Tell us about your company

The Well Counseling and Consulting Group, founded in 2011, is a thriving private practice, specializing in individual and couples counseling. We have a full spectrum of mental health support professionals including coaches and therapists who can help you meet your mental health needs and improve the quality of your life.


What’s your suite number and how many employees work in your Pyramids office?

We are in suite 1050 and have 13 total employees. Thanks to the advancements of telehealth the number of staff in the building can vary from day to day but we generally max at 5 on a full day.


What is something interesting about your business or staff, or what is something that sets your company apart from others?

While there are lots of counseling practices, our approach to mental health sets us apart. We offer a variety of services that allow individuals to have autonomy in their care, including specialized treatment for clients who have experienced trauma. For some, one-on-one sessions are the right fit, but for others, our groups and workshops are more comfortable. We also prioritize personal development so we’ve found that our corporate partners who use our resources as a part of their commitment to staff wellness have seen great results from our care.


What do you like about being a tenant at The Pyramids?

We love the location. It’s so convenient for clients to find us, even if they haven’t been to our area before.


What renovation of the property/buildings is your team most looking forward to?

We are very excited about the renovations to the fitness center.


What is the most popular/frequent food eaten for lunch by your employees? 

We are definitely fans of lunch delivery and choose Chick-fil-A often. Now that Panera is closer I think that will quickly become the fan favorite.


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And for those keeping score, the favorite lunch spot tally is now…
Starbucks – 1
McAllisters – 1
Chipotle – 1
Chick-Fil-A – 2
Panera – 2